Self-care that's fun.

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Self-care should be fun.

Wellnest is the guided journaling app that helps you focus on what matters.
Join a community of 7,000+ journalers!


We believe journaling should be fun, Wellnest is built to make you smile.


Using your voice makes journaling easy and alleviates negative emotions.

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Find guided content on niche topics that are relevant to you.

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"Journaling is a difficult habit to keep, but Wellnest makes it much easier for me. Asking relevant questions gives me concrete things to talk about"


“I feel like a better person for using Wellnest. I’ve thought about things I hardly ever give myself time to think about. In this fast world, Wellnest is a breath of fresh, easygoing air.”


“Wellnest has helped me think about why I feel the way I do and has made me realize that the little things in life matter more than I thought.”


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