Oasis Icons

Oasis is a beautifully designed icon set that helps you stay focused on what matters.

112 icons and 10 text cards in light and dark themes.

Turn your phone into a mindful oasis.

Phone screens with beautiful, calming, custom app icons.

What's included

Community examples

Finances & People

Calendar next to finances so you never forget to pay your credit card off.

Words to live by under messaging apps as a reminder of how you want to treat others.


Step count next to fitness apps.

Right-aligned for easy selection of apps that help you live life peacefully.


Most used school apps in the bottom right for ease of use.

Time under calendar so you never miss to-do's.

Social Media

Most used apps on the top half of the screen making them harder to reach.

Most addictive apps near sunrise so you don't stay up too late.

Screen broken up by things to do besides social media.

How to do it

1. Open shortcuts

2. Add a new shortcut

3. Open app

4. Choose shortcuts

5. Click to edit

6. Add to home

7. Click icon

8. Choose file